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Dynamic web site - Delivery of household gas bottles - Ultra Light Gas

Our customers from Ultra Light Gas have looked for us to build their web site with Content Control

The firm had entrusted their site to another web service company but they were disappointed by the
previous developers and a year later they didn’t have a working website.
In addition to all problems with the construction of the website, Ultra Light Gas had prepaid the full
amount for it.
I just want to add that the amount they paid was three times higher than the amount we received for
the company’s website.
After three months our clients already had the site and they became our friends. The Platform is a
Content Management System made according to the needs of the site along with a CRM process
control system. The website track the overall movement of full and empty bottles of domestic gas
and the entire stock, from the warehouse to the cars that carry the gas bottles in the city.
Customers from Ultra Light Gas were very pleased with the fact that we were able to place them on
all the important keywords and word combinations.
Their sales have increased due to good ranking and the customer has the ability to manage and track
the movement of their gas bottle at all times.
In addition, the customer has the ability to declare a supply of domestic gas in bottles online.
For the final we have built a professional Facebook page of Ultra Light Gas in order to promote better
and strengthen their online reputation.

Technically Specifications

Unique responsive design

Custom CMS - Content management system

Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • php
  • javascript
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Delivery of household gas bottles - Ultra Light Gas | Dynamic web site

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