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Website Drilling Traikov Drilling for water in the country

Dynamic website – Drilling Traykov website, Drilling for water in the whole country
In 2017, in, a request was made for the construction of a website for a drilling company

The company offers drilling in the territory of Bulgaria. Boreholes are carried out both in soft soil,
rock and hard-to- reach terrains.
After the received requirements of Traykov drilling and starting materials for the construction of
their website, we began to create the first project.
We decided to use our own platform for control and management of content that we developed
specifically for our customers. The platform was fully responsive to the client’s requirements and his
desire to manage his own site by himself.
The initial conceptual project of the Traykov drilling site took us 3 working days. After the initial
acceptance by the client, we proceed to the final coding of the site and after that we uploaded it on
our server. The site has a very beautiful and stylish design with very easy navigation menu. The
administration panel of the Drilling Traykov web site is very simple to navigate.
Within just three months, we’ve been able to place the site of Drilling Traykov on the first page of
Google in all important terms for them. Currently he is one of the leading drilling companies in the
whole country. When we receive information about updates from Google, we, from
apply them immediately so that the site doesn’t fall into lower positions.
We have also developed a professional Facebook page of Drilling Traykov, which is another
opportunity to reach more customers

Characteristics of the Web site
Unique responsive design
Custom Content Management System, made according to the needs of the site

Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • php
  • javascript
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Website Drilling Traikov Drilling for water in the country

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