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At the beginning of 2018, the Millex Autoshow - Sofia turned to us with a request for the construction of a static website of the school.

The customer's requirements were for a static site and a minimum budget. Despite the limited budget, our web developers have implemented the complete auto package package and the mandatory 2018 responsive, responsive design for mobile devices. The Automobile Web Site was created in just 7 working days in its final version after submitting the required materials.

The site has a very beautiful and stylish design and requires minimal knowledge to operate it and to navigate the menu and the contents of the website of the car.
Our wish is to be able to classify the site of the Millex Motorcycle on the first or second page of in a search relevant to the activity of the car, such as driving exams in Sofia, driving courses in Sofia, within one calendar year.


Web site features

  • Unique responsive design
  • Static website

Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • javascript
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Driving School MILEKS Static website

Christiana Gavazova

0898/ 67 82 36

Petko Gavazov

0899/ 03 42 76


02/ 931 21 47

street "Rusaliiski Prohod" 15 Office 3 1407 Sofia , Bulgaria