Online shop with a complete online advertising campaign

We offer a package price for online advertising, a website and a complete online attendance.

  • Making an Online Store - 1,200 BGN
  • Logo design – 60 BGN
  • Domain type .com for 1 year – 30 BGN
  • Hosting for 1 year - 100 BGN
  • Web site support for 1 month - 50 BGN
  • Create Google Local Business - 40 BGN
  • Creating a Facebook Business Page - 40 BGN
  • Create a Google+ Business Page - 40 BGN
  • Promo Business Package at - 80 BGN per year
  • Small right banner at - 60 BGN per year
  • Post on the page on Facebook

Real price: 1700 BGN Excluding VAT

NOW FOR PRICE: 1350 BGN Excluding VAT

You save: 350 BGN

I. Website development:

  1. Responsive design - suitable for mobile devices and tablets
  • the design is being developed using adaptive technology to fit the elements in the site to the resolution of the device or display on which it is visualized. The elements on the site are stacked one by the other, following a direction from left to right.
  • The design is developed entirely with the wishes of the client, with preferred colors, pictures and logos
  1. Creating a website with a content control platform in which the customer can change, add or delete any aspect of the online store
  2. Implementation of the developed and convenient design
  3. Module with slider on homepage
  4. Module with recommended products on the homepage
  5. Module with promotional products on homepage
  6. Page with all promotional products
  7. Unlimited number of pages entered through the content control system
  8. Contact page
  9. Module for recommended products to the page of each product
  10. Choices of size and color for each product
  11. Availability options: no limitations on number and type of attributes
  12. Payment method included in the program assurance
  • Delivery payment module
  • Module for payment in an office or shop and picking the goods from there
  • Module for payment by bank transfer and delivery of goods after money transfer received
  1. Up to 20 product categories introduced at the time of production, and unlimited number of categories introduced by the customer through the content control system
  2. Up to 120 products introduced at the time of manufacture, and unlimited number of products entered by the customer through the content control system
  3. Getting H1 tags to each page that best matches the desired keyword relevant to the page
  4. Add meta-scraps and meta-keyword that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  5. Add the desired keyword in the text relevant to the page, at least 5 times in the page itself
  6. Install and configure all the modules needed for fast and efficient site performance
  7. Implementation of on-demand SEO standards, both in html bot, and in platform php, as well as implementation of plug-ins.
  8. Generate an xml sitemap that is submitted to a browser for quick and timely detection and indexing of each page of the site

II. Web site support

  • Adding new products
  • Removing old products
  • Correcting current products
  • Replacement of promotional products
  • Replace pictures in products, categories, slides, banners, etc.
  • Change any text content on the site

III. Create social business accounts

Includes page creation. Describe the activity and contact details. Capture photos and logo-type profile photos. Enter services and activities in the relevant sections. Does not include support or periodic publications.

  •  Business page on Facebook
  • Google+ Business Page

IV. Create Google Local Business

  • Initial registration
  • Add company data: Company name, phone address, e-mail, working time
  • Mark the address of the map exactly
  • Add profile photo and photo for cover
  • Add additional photos: interior, exterior, production, and more
  • Sending a pin for authentication and subsequent input

V. Promo Promotional Package at

  • Up to 10 keywords that you can be searched for
  • Up to 10 photos or images - drawing, sketch, chart showing your products or activity
  • Few images appearing on banners and industries
  • Image - background appearing as background in your personal presentation
  • Link to your site
  • Present your company in English (if company has English text)

VI. Small right banner on

  • Size 188x140 pixels
  • Gif banner
  • A real link to your site
  • Keyword insertion from the alphabetical catalog and when the word is written in the search engine on

VII. Facebook publications on the page of

The business site of has over 77,000 followers and each publication reaches a minimum of 2000 to 20,000 people. It has a good success and realizes specific queries.

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