Online store - pizza restaurant in Las Vegas, USA.

Site for home delivery is on order of a customer living in Las Vegas.
The job of was to create an online store for home delivery with a modern and unique
responsive design, an intuitive order management menu and an easy-to- use administrative panel.
The first assignment was to make online shop within 60 days. We managed to do it for 30 days,
because of the upcoming opening.
The platform incorporates the leading advanced coding languages HTML 5, CSS3 and PHP. For the
beautiful and impressive design we also opted for Java script technologies.
Online Las Vegas pizza is the leader in home delivery, delivers and serves between 200 and 300
customers in the capital of gambling every day.


Unique responsive design

Custom CMS - Content management system


Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • php
  • javascript
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Sofia's Pizza, Las Vegas | Online store

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