Bee Farm Daris, Online Shop

Bee Farm Daris, Online Shop

Online Store - Natural Honey from Bee Farm Daris.

With Julia and Nikolay from Daris Farm, we know each other from 2012. Initially, we became customers of the online business catalog -

After a year's work after convincing us of the usefulness and effectiveness of the service and competence of our web developers, they decided to build a corporate website that is both an online store for honey and bee products.

The mission of Julia and Nikolay from Daris Farm, as they themselves define, is to eat the purest honey from one of the cleanest regions in Bulgaria.

The quality of honey is with the uncompromising quality of home-made honey from beehives at one time. The online store is built with an elegant and stylish design to the taste of the customer. For us, the first page ranking on was the most important. For a period of 3 months, the Online Store of the Dairy Bee Farm was put on the first page in the top 5 of the most important words and words related to bee honey and bee products. Currently, much of the sales of DARRIS bee farm are realized thanks to the online store -

Web site features

  • Unique responsive design
  • Custom CMS - Content management system

Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • php
  • javascript

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