BL Oil - Purchase of waste oil | Dynamic web site

BL Oil - Purchase of waste oil | Dynamic web site

BL Oil - Buying Waste Oil, Dynamic Web Site

Dynamic web site - BL Oil - Collection and purchase of used, waste, old oil. free washing of aspiration.
According to the Waste Management Act promulgated and entered into force on July 13, 2012, every
restaurant, hospital catering establishment is obliged to have a contract with a company licensed for
the purchase, transport and processing of used oil and old frying fat. BL Oil is a company that has the
required certificate for buying and processing old frying fat.
The company's web site is fully in line with the client's business and its specific needs. Thanks to the
good SEO techniques we applied, their ad site is ranked on all the keywords and terms that were
given to us as a job.
Through his ad site, he has been able to attract many new customers, as well as to build relationships
with existing ones.
As a bonus to buy old fry fat, Bi El Oly offers a free aspiration of the restaurant or pub's aspiration.

BI El Oel has many satisfied customers behind it, who recommend it to his restaurant colleagues. Bi
Oel's desire is to become a reliable partner of restaurants and catering establishments in the
purchase of their old unnecessary oil. He works with his own dishes and cans for the purchase of
waste oil and transports the cans with his own transport.


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