Web site of ProComm, chemical products

Web site of ProComm, chemical products


Dynamic website - ProComm, chemical products

ProComm offers chemical products and additives for the following industries:

  • food industry
  • Pharmacy
  • industrial chemicals
  • household chemistry
  • cosmetics
  • plastics

Professional experience in the trade and distribution of chemicals for more than 20 years!

We at BUSINESS.bg were hired to develop a modern multilingual Web site of ProComm. ProComm site and product catalog, and aimed at presenting the activities and products our client has been working with, and the main goal was to familiarize ProComm's customers with the full range of products available for the chemical industry, beverage additives and the wine industry, for bakery and confectionery and additives for the meat processing industry.

The web site has an administrative panel that can easily and quickly introduce new information or correct an old, even a less experienced person.

In addition to its adaptive design, the site is also characterized by the integration of all modern SEO techniques for better ranking of the site, both in the Bulgarian version of searches and searches from abroad.


Web site features

  • Unique responsive design
  • Custom CMS - Content management system

Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • php
  • javascript

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