Online store Agroapteka Makadamia 05, Plovdiv

Online store Agroapteka Makadamia 05, Plovdiv


Online shop Agro Pharmacy Macadamia 05, Plovdiv

We had the pleasure to build online shop for Agro Pharmacy Macadamia, which is located in Plovdiv,
6 th September 227 Boulevard / Astra Shopping Center/ Riton Trade.
At the agricultural pharmacy you can find plant protection chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, garden
equipment, and the same can be ordered through the online store we have made.

They will help you
to choose quality and professional seeds for all types of crops.
If you search in website’s contacts, the specialists of agro pharmacy will advice you with which
fertilizers to feet each crop and what preparations to fight with against diseases and pests in your
By the online store you can make a complete order of seeds, fertilizers, preparations, garden
equipment, irrigation systems and everything you need for a beautiful and ecologically clean garden.
Except the online store we have also built Macadamia Agro Pharmacy business accounts, including a
Facebook business page, a Google Local Business account.

Basic Technical Characteristics

Unique responsiv design 

Control management system


Used program languages

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • php
  • javascript

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