Web site of Sabar Abu Avira, SULPH OF THE ISIDA

Web site of Sabar Abu Avira, SULPH OF THE ISIDA


Dynamic website - Sabaor Abu Avira , Book The tear of Isis

Sabaor Abu Avira is an alias, he is an author of many musical works and works of art – Plamen Hristov.
The book The tear of Isis needed a website to promote its content . In the process of building the
website, the idea was to expand the site and present the entire work of the author. His work includes
works of fine arts, musical works among which A Saint and A Sinner performed by Edelina Kaneva
and Sophie Marinova.
The website is based on Custom system of content and control system that we have built for our
clients, allowing the author to manage the content of his own site.
The website was designed to promote Plamen Hristov’s last work, The tear of Isis, and to contribute
for greater promotion , both as an advertising effect and with direct sales.


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