Web site Wine Bar - Boyana

Web site Wine Bar - Boyana


Website of Wine bar – Boyana

Our long-time client bought as an investment a working restaurant - Mim Wine Bar in the beautiful
Vitosha mountain. He turned to us asking for the whole print vision to be reworked - a new design of

menus, flyers, business cards, brochures, invitations, signs, and the construction of a new modern
web site.
The restaurant was created in 1999 and it is located in the heart of beautiful Boyana neighborhood in
Sofia. The restaurant is located so that you can enjoy and combine privacy with your friends and the
unique view of Vitosha mountain.
The wine bar restaurant team has set the ambitious task of providing a healthy menu combined with
a nice atmosphere.
Due to the fact that the restaurant is working, the interior is in line with the established brand and
people already knew it. The task was very responsible because we had to comply with the logo, the
colors, the environment and the customers who were used to the old vision.
We should be able to affect the relationship between land and food, the road from the farm and the
garden to the plate, the fresh scent, the infinite taste of healthy food, the rich selection of wines and
the original food in a new way. Once we have built up the new vision and concept of print
advertising, it is also important the promotion, which includes building a website that give the
opportunity to order and supply food for home and build a professional Web page on Facebook.
We redesigned the old Facebook page, built a new vision, made new pictures to show how they do
things with love. We have developed and built a website that is consistent with the concept of food
ordering through the site and delivery of food for the office and home. The concept was the same as
in print advertising - healthy food, fresh products, selected wines, pizzas and baked homemade
Maximum transparency - who are the people who prepare delicious dishes, the products that are
used, the ultimate masterpiece in the form of pictures - to show what it looks like.
The platform we chose was word press, we built a responsive design and complied with all the
sections that showed the style we were sticking to.


Unique responsive design

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