Organic foods Zemela | Online store

Organic foods Zemela | Online store


Online Store for Bio food Zemela.
The more a society develops, the more it thinks about its health, its food, its breathing, and how to
live healthier in general.
What modern society calls bio foods, our grandparents called it just food. Anyway the penetration of
chemistry and genetically modified foods is a problem in all areas of the food industry, so it is good to
return to the roots of our meals.
Online Shop for Bio Foods - Zemela is one of the approved manufacturers and traders of Bio Foods in
Bulgaria with established and certified origin, both from Bulgaria and Europe.

The website gives customers from all over Bulgaria the chance to taste Bio Products, such as
Canadian maple syrup, spirulina, amaranth and many others. Bio Food Zemela Online Shop gives
everybody a chance to taste of superfoods with which the body experiences a new life.
The online platform is ranked as a leader in the search for dried fruits, natural juices, homemade
apple vinegar, herbs, Bulgarian beans and others.
All of these results have been achieved because of the well-optimized platform on which Zemela
online store is based, as well as the good SEO package we have integrated from
Zemela Online Store is expanding the range of Bio Products offered and increases the percentage of
people who eat responsibly and healthily.
Online Store Zemela is one of the most respected online merchants of Bio Products in Bulgaria. The
guarantee of satisfaction is that over 60 percent of clients who have purchased from us once,
become customers again. And we,, make this happen by developing one of the best and
most complete online formats for selling organic products in Bulgaria.


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