Redesign of Website

Redesign of Website

If you already have a working site but your design, structure, and overall performance does not meet your needs and requirements, we will make sure your site is completely new.

We will design a unique, responsive design especially for you, tailored to all sizes of displays and mobile devices.

We will implement your current content so you will not lose the rank of your search engine so far.

We will add new content you want to upload to your site.

We will apply all SEO techniques to optimize your site for search engines.

Phase I. - Development of Responsive Design

  1. Responsive design - suitable for mobile devices and tablets - the final design is developed using adaptive technology to match the elements of the site to the resolution of the device or display on which it is visualized. The elements on the site are stacked one by the other, following a direction from left to right.

Phase II. - Software

  1. Implement the new design in the existing platform
  2. The structure and type of the platform used shall not be affected

Phase III. SEO search engine optimization

  1. Add h3 tags per page that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  2. Add meta-scripts and meta-word words that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  3. Add the desired keyword in the text relevant to the page, at least 5 times in the page itself
  4. Install and configure all the modules needed for fast and efficient site performance
  5. Implementation of on-demand SEO standards both in html phoning and php code on the platform, as well as implementation of plug-ins.
  6. Generate an xml sitemap that is uploaded to a browser for quick and timely detection and indexing of each page of the site

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