Web design and development

Developing a Unique Business Web Site

Developing a Unique Web Design Web Site is a very responsible and very complex process. To be professional, it goes through several stages. Different qualified highly qualified IT specialists take care of the different stages. First stage, Design of web design by Web designer, production of original design according to the requirements and taste of the client.

The first stage is accompanied by several phases with initial vision development, the development of several projects accompanied by changes to its approval by the client. The second stage is even more complex than the first one and is accompanied by the individual coding of each site and the construction of its internal architecture and internal links on the site. It is run by a qualified IT Specialist - Programmer and is related to programming and code writing and overall site encoding.

Quality control - this is the overall testing of the functionality of the site. Testing it on different browsers and operating systems. Apply basic SEO package and build initial search engine optimization - titles, meta-sentences, meta tags.

This is briefly the process of building a website explained in a few words, but the whole process takes and requires weeks and sometimes months and human resources. We at BUSINESS.bg know that a large part of small and medium businesses in Bulgaria can’t afford to spend a lot of money on building a company Web site. That's why we made special prices and special offers for an advertising Web site and a Company Website.

What you get with the special offer for a company website:

  • Unique responsive design, content control system that allows you to add and edit photos and texts from the website owner.
  • There is no limit on the number of pages or posts.
  • Easy and quick site content control.
  • The web site is suitable for large, corporate or other sites that need to add many pages, product catalogs, galleries, portals, and more.
  • Sites where content is added more often than once a month.
  • Web site fully compliant with SEO standards for better search engine rankings.

Phase I. - Development of Responsive Design

  1. Responsive design - suitable for mobile devices and tablets - the final design is developed using adaptive technology to match the elements of the site to the resolution of the device or display on which it is visualized. The elements on the site are stacked one by the other, following a direction from left to right.

Phase II. - Software

  1. Creating a content control system through which to enter both the individual pages for the site and the different boards and products.
  2. Implementation of design - html, css, javascripy - to the content control platform.
  3. Enter texts and pictures into static pages

Phase III. SEO search engine optimization

  1. Add h3 tags per page that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  2. Add meta-scripts and meta-word words that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  3. Add the desired keyword in the text relevant to the page, at least 5 times in the page itself
  4. Install and configure all the modules needed for fast and efficient site performance
  5. Implementation of on-demand SEO standards both in html phoning and php code on the platform, as well as implementation of plug-ins.
  6. Generate an xml sitemap that is uploaded to a browser for quick and timely detection and indexing of each page of the site

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