Web Design of Online Store

An online store development

Unique responsive design, content control system that allows adding and editing products and components to the online store by the owner of the website.There is no limit on the number of products.The online shop we have made has easy and quick control over our products, stocks and orders.

The online store is open 24 hours a day without rest.Guarantees lower costs due to lack of sellers, premises, and more.Reach more potential customers.It is suitable for small and large businesses, merchants and all who aim to sell a good or service, regardless of its type.Online store, fully compliant with SEO standards for better search engine rankings.

Phase I. - Development of Responsive Design

  1. Responsive design - suitable for mobile devices and tablets
  • the design is being developed using adaptive technology to fit the elements in the site to the resolution of the device or display on which it is visualized. The elements on the site are stacked one by the other, following a direction from left to right.
  • The design is developed entirely with the wishes of the client, with preferred colors, pictures and logos

Phase II. - Software

  1. Creating a website with a content control platform in which the customer can change, add or delete any aspect of the online store
  2. Implementation of the developed and convenient design
  3. Module with slider on homepage
  4. Module with recommended products on the homepage
  5. Module with promotional products on homepage
  6. Page with all promotional products
  7. Unlimited number of pages entered through the content control system
  8. Contact page
  9. Module for recommended products to the page of each product
  10. Choices of size and color for each product
  11. Availability options: no limitations on number and type of attributes
  12. Payment method included in the program assurance
  • Delivery payment module
  • Module for payment in an office or shop and picking the goods from there
  • Module for payment by bank transfer and delivery of goods after money transfer received

Phase III. - Deploying content

  1. Up to 20 product categories introduced at the time of production, and unlimited number of categories introduced by the customer through the content control system
  2. Up to 200 products entered at the time of manufacture, and an unlimited number of products introduced by the customer through the content control system

Phase IV. SEO search engine optimization

  1. Add h3 tags per page that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  2. Add meta-scripts and meta-word words that best match the desired keyword relevant to the page
  3. Add the desired keyword in the text relevant to the page, at least 5 times in the page itself
  4. Install and configure all the modules needed for fast and efficient site performance
  5. Implementation of on-demand SEO standards both in html phoning and php code on the platform, as well as implementation of plug-ins.
  6. Generate an xml sitemap that is uploaded to a browser for quick and timely detection and indexing of each page of the site

How to start our own business with minimal means and the highest possible probability of success?

Hardly anyone will be surprised by the answer. Develop your own online store or own site that meets the needs of a particular group of people. Give an answer to the needs of a group of people and your
business will be doomed to success.

You have a sense of business and you have little experience in trade. It is time to transfer this
experience to the digital age.

Today, in our busy everyday life, more and more people are shopping online. So do not wait to see your idea realized by another tomorrow. Open your online store now.

According to Google, about 35 percent of purchases are online. This figure grows annually and by the end of 2020 the percentage will be over 50 of all purchases made over the Internet.

 Analyze your own purchases and estimate how many of them you've made online and you'll see the above-mentioned statistics. Online shopping is quicker, cheaper, you can shop around the world, and last but not least, your online shop can be seen from across Bulgaria and Europe. A question of a good or service, a question of price, a question of delivery.

Create an Online Store

The most important things for creating a well-functioning and well-optimized online platform. There are a number of options for you: a ready platform, buying software products or using the services of proven company sites and online stores. When creating your online store, an important point to consider is choosing a domain name.

Imagine domain as your name by which Google and your customers will discover you and most importantly remember. There are names easily memorable and those that are hard to remember. The most important thing is to build an associative link in the customer's image between the domain and your activity and products

Each domain has its own unique name, which differs from other domains on the Internet. There are tools on the Internet that can check if the name of your chosen domain is already
registered. Obligatory for your online store are the General Terms and Conditions without which you may be fined on the Consumer Protection Commission.

It is important to know that the design of your online store is copyrighted and must not be borrowed from other sites with the same subject matter.

Accept payments

Here the possibilities are great and everything depends on your choice. Business.bg has in its portfolio dozens of proven and workable online stores. The ways to pay with your prospective customers are: cash on delivery, bank transfer, ePay, EasyPay, PayPal, credit cards.

It is imperative that your online store has a responsive design that ensures its correct opening from mobile devices - phones, tablets.

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